What are the chords

So, in the center of our attention - musical chords. What are the chords? What are the main types of chords? These and other issues we have to discuss today. Accord is a harmonious consonance in the simultaneity of three or four or more sounds. I hope you get the point - there should be at least three sounds in a chord, because if, for example, two, then this is not a chord, but an interval.

Playing the chords on the piano

Article for those who learn to play chords on the piano to the songs. Surely you come across such songbooks, where guitar chords with their tablature, that is, transcripts that let you know which string and where to press it to make one or another chord, are attached to the text. The manual, which is in front of you, is something like such tablature, only in relation to keyboard instruments.

Bebe Rexha: biography, best songs, interesting facts

Bebe Rexha (Bibi Rex) Owner of enchanting vocal, spectacular appearance and immense musical talent - this is not a complete list of what can be described by the young singer Bebe Rexha. Despite her young age, the girl managed to earn more popularity, to perform with a large number of world celebrities, and even become a co-author of many hits.

Concert programs of the ensemble "Semper-musica"

Concert programs: "In the name of Clara" R. Schumann - Quartet op.47 Es-dur for piano, violin, viola and cello I. Brahms - Quartet No. 1 g-moll op.25 for piano, violin, viola and cello The program is composed from the works of composers - romantics. This genre is easy for anyone to listen to, regardless of age, musical tastes and degree of preparedness.

Jazz quintet "Edelweiss"

Angelika Markova (vocal) - Winner of the international jazz competition, participant of jazz festivals (Arkhangelsk, Samara, etc.), graduate of the Russian Academy of Music. Gnesinyh. Lecturer of the RATI-GITIS (Estrada faculty, courses Garkalina V., Schukina A., Borisova M., Shanina E., Vasilyeva Y.) Permanent soloist of the group "Edelweiss".