Whose are you? Scary about music school! Creativity of our readers.

- Again, you have not washed the window, rubbish! After all, how much I asked you! My eyes that you no longer see you! - shouted mother Diana. But who is to blame for the fact that the girl just returned from school, where this bitch Oksana Gennadyevna, a mathematician, got so angry with her that she left after class and gave an additional task?

"Mama knows about my problems with studying," thought Diana, weeping, "and the window is just an excuse to start a scandal again." But you can’t argue with a formidable mother, and with a heavy sigh, the girl took the bag, put the notes in the package in the specialty, among which he hated Mendelssohn’s hated “Wedding March”, which seemed to mock at the ungainly figure and faded, expressionless as this dreary November the evening, with the face of a girl, was given to her by Milena Evgenievna.

Each time, approaching the gloomy, built in the nineteenth century, school building, Diana experienced a vague fear. She knew that her "muzykalka" occupied the building of the hospital, to which the local headquarters of the militant atheists was here, and before them there lived a family of landowners Proskudins, who built it. Why, only in the civil war they were all lost in the living room (now they set up a concert hall), and even little children did not regret the red monsters!

So it is not surprising that the affairs of the school were going from bad hands, the students did not want to study, there were even cases of suicide. And everything is somehow connected with the school: either corpses were found nearby, or the latter had ever studied in it during their lifetime.

All these thoughts, as well as a variety of hypotheses about how to make peace with her mother, swarm in Diana’s head, so she couldn’t concentrate on the “March” during the lesson. “You will never marry! I promise you!” Milena Evgenievna screamed, “for good reason he won't give you! And I won't take the concert!”

After the lesson, Diana went out in even more upset feelings than before. "Yeah, you can forget about dinner, the mother will be furious - Milenka promised to complain," thought Diana. Without noticing it, the girl entered the ill-starred concert hall and sat down on the last row. Tears flowed and flowed, the world became clouded around and she fell asleep. When she awoke, Diana started: the world was surrounded by thick darkness. “How much did I turn off?” She thought at first, “and how scary it is here!” The girl got up and, taking the bag with notes, rushed to the exit. But there she was waiting for something from which the poor thing made a cold sweat: the door leading to the street was firmly closed, the caretaker was not kept here, the school was already notorious for the night, nobody wanted to stay for the night.

“Good Lord, how can I get out?” She thought, because the windows on the first floor had bars and the classes were closed (there were no windows in the corridors, the building was rebuilt many times, and those that could remain from the estate were firmly laid with bricks. )

In anguish and fear, Diana rushed along dark corridors, ran across walls, but never came up with anything. At the end, exhausted, the girl came to the same concert hall, since he alone did not lock the key, and decided to wait out the night there. She could not tell anyone about her misfortune, because there were no mobile phones at that time yet, and the city telephone in their apartment was turned off for non-payment.

Diana sat down at the same place and prepared herself for a long wait for dawn. Suddenly, at the far end of the hall, 2 yellow lights appeared. No, they did not imagine, they really are, moreover, they are approaching. Diana closed her eyes in fear, numb.

"Whose will you be, daughter?" - Squeaky voice brought her to reality. Carefully opening her eyes, the girl saw in front of her a little old man, completely overgrown with long gray hair, he was the owner of those yellow eyes, lights, which she was so frightened. But now the night grandfather seemed to her kind and completely scary. With tears in her eyes, Diana told him about all her sorrows - still! 12 years - and so much grief! The old man listened to her attentively, regretted it, and called for tea with him. When Diana asked her to open the door and let her out of school, she replied that he had no keys. The child, with all the naivety believed him.

And so they descend into the house of the Night Grandfather. It is in the basement, where there was a boiler room at the school — in the winter, the central heating was often turned off — and the school administration was getting out of it.

Grandfather took her to a small inconspicuous closet under the stairs to the first floor. There was a table, a chair and a small tile. Diane poured tea, I must say that he strictly forbade the girl to turn on the light, as if he was afraid of him. And now they are drinking tea in the dim light of 2 smoke candles. And then Diana noticed another oddity: in the corners of the mouth at Grandpa something glittered, but the girl did not have time to be frightened, as her eyelids grew heavy, the body became wadded, and she fell into a dream. She woke up in a completely unfamiliar room, as it seemed to her, in her "music" there were no such: everywhere there are heaps of rubbish, garbage, dust on all objects. But much worse - she was tied to the back of an old oak bed. And next to ... and next to it was still the same grandfather. Only now, Diana screamed at the sight of him in horror: he had a knife in his hands, and in the mouth, as now with brighter moonlight, the girl saw, small sharp teeth sparkled.

“Whose daughter are you?” The monster asked, “you will be mine now. The red dogs have taken away my daughter ... I will take you!”


In a few weeks ...

School reopened. Diana was never found. Evidence that the music school was involved in her disappearance, too.

Little Vitya stayed in class. Milena Evgenievna asked him a particularly difficult play, and he wanted to please her formidable teacher. It got dark, the boy got home, got dressed, went out into the dark corridor and was dumbfounded: in an empty school somewhere a girl came from. She approached him and sympathetically asked: "Boy, who are you? Going to drink tea?".

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